New PBS LearningMedia Content from D-Day 360

We are happy to unveil new PBS LearningMedia content from D-Day 360, a documentary premiering TONIGHT, 5/27 on PBS that commemorates the 70th Anniversary of D-Day (6/6/2014). PBS LearningMedia not only has the full program available, but it is also broken down by chapters and video clips for easy use in the classroom. Continue reading

New PBS LearningMedia Math & Arts Content

PBS LearningMedia’s educational footprint and impact grow ever larger with contributions from PBS stations across the country and partners like NASA and The Library of Congress.  The number of resources at PBS LearningMedia now stands at 85,000, which represents a 190% increase over the past year!  New math and arts resources that significantly augment Continue reading

Beavers — Great Hydro Engineers & Environmental Saviors

Industrious beavers are now seen by many experts as overlooked tools in the effort to reverse the disastrous effects of global warming and worldwide water shortages.

To complement NATURE’S Leave It To The Beavers, airing on WGBY on Wednesday, May 14, at 8p, PBS LearningMedia has resources Continue reading

Appreciating Teachers Every Day

While we value and support teachers every day of the year, during Teacher Appreciation Week we extend a special “thank you” to all teachers who work every day to educate and enrich students’ lives and futures.  We hope you appreciate yourselves every day, but this week you might want to treat yourself to that mocha latte or to take more time for exercising or curling up with a favorite book, preferably both!  Continue reading

Free Educator Webinar: Inspiring STEM Educators with NASA Physics & Engineering

On Monday, April 28, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. EST, you can attend this STEM webinar to learn how to bring exciting, real-world applications of physics and engineering into the classroom.  You’ll receive an exclusive look into the resources in the NASA Physics and Engineering collection on PBS LearningMedia™ as well as advice for teaching with this digital media from NASA. Continue reading