Newtown: From Grief, A Chance to Teach & Learn More Mindfully

  Premiering tonight at 9pm on WGBY, the new documentary Newtown from Independent Lens tells the aftermath of December 14, 2012, when 26 died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. One teacher at PBS Teachers’ Lounge writes, “Newtown is the documentary that no one wants to watch, but everyone needs to watch.”  PBS LearningMedia has developed a […]

Remembering and Learning from Newtown

Teachers are among those most moved and affected by the violence and suffering at Newtown one year ago.  To honor the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy — December 14 — at 6pm, WGBY airs a tearful yet joyful concert, filled with love and a powerful sense of the Newtown community’s commitment to fulfilling the Sandy […]

“After Newtown” Special Programming on WGBY

“After Newtown” is a series of special programming set to air February 18-22, 2013.   On Wednesday, February 20,  correspondent Miles O’Brien investigates how much science can tell us about a brain at risk for violence on NOVA “Mind of a Rampage Killer.”  Check out a preview here: Then, learn how schools can detect problem […]

Program Feature: “After Newtown”

After Newtown is a program that focuses on the devastating events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month.  Anchored by Gwen Ifill, the PBS Special addresses such issues as access to guns and the politics of gun laws; mental illness in young adults; the science of detecting violent impulses; and how communities […]

WGBY to Air Special Programming in Light of Newtown Tragedy

WGBY will preempt some of its regularly scheduled programming this weekend in order to broadcast special content in the wake of last Friday’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. On Friday, December 21, Gwen Ifill hosts After Newtown, a PBS prime-time special produced by WNET, with contributions from FRONTLINE, NOVA, PBS NewsHour and Washington Week, from […]

How to Raise an Emotionally Resilient Child — Reserve Time to Listen

“The first duty of love is to listen.”  Paul Tillich Making time to read with a child seems a goal many parents set.  In an article at PBS Parents, Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.,Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at Weill-Cornell Medical College, makes a cogent case for reserving time, perhaps at the end of the day, to […]

America After Charleston: Airing Tonight & Coming to PBS LearningMedia

After this evening’s 9:00pm broadcast of America After Charleston on WGBY, PBS LearningMedia will use assets from the program to help teachers from a range of content areas such as history/social studies, England language arts and mathematics to educate students on the tragic events that occurred this past June. The new material will

Youth At Risk: Guns, Incarceration and Football Injuries

On Tuesday, August 13, WGBY is airing three consecutive programs with tragically strong connections to education.  (You can also search these PBS programs at a later date to learn about their availability.) 8:00pm:  AFTER NEWTOWN: GUNS IN AMERICA is an unprecedented exploration of America’s enduring relationship with firearms. This program traces the evolution of guns […]