New Classroom Content for The Story of the Jews

Tonight at 8:oo WGBY debuts The Story of the Jews.  The story follows noted historian, author and critic Simon Schama as he explores the Jewish experience from ancient times to the present day in this epic five-part series.  PBS LearningMedia is proud to unveil its collection of classroom-ready videos and articles from the series, now live on the service.

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Personal Finance Lessons for You and Students

WGBY provides you with financial advice from America’s most recognized expert in personal finance with the new PBS special, Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You, which will air on Saturday, March 22, at 5p and 11p and Sunday, March 23, at 9p.  Equally important, PBS Learning Media provides a wealth of resources on finance, including 10 lesson plans. Continue reading

Free Educator Webinar — Making the Case: Teaching Mathematical Argumentation

What does mathematical argumentation and critique look like in the classroom?  The following video from PBS LearningMedia’s Making the Case collection introduces Common Core Standard #3 for Mathematical Practice: “Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others,” and provides context about implementing the standard in your classroom practice. Reflections from teachers and from math education experts are also included.  

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Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Independent Television Service (ITVS) Community Classroom is a film and curriculum resource series that brings to life some of today’s most vital social issues, pairing film modules from award-winning documentaries with standards-based lesson plans.  To celebrate Women’s History Month by focusing on women and girls around the world, PBS LearningMedia offers a Women and Girls Lead curriculum collection inspired by the landmark PBS mini-series, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.  Here’s a trailer for the mini-series.

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Pi Day = Math Is AweSum!

indexMath is about much more than crunching numbers. It’s about the AWESOME acts of building modern cities, designing virtual realities, composing music, and exploring space.  On this Pi Day, we’re celebrating PBS LearningMedia’s new collection of math resources, robust collections that provide some of the most in-demand content of today’s digital learning community. Continue reading

Food Is Fuel: How the Body Processes Nutrients

indexHave you ever seen a rat inside of a snake’s body and wondered how it is ultimately digested? Students have probably seen this image and thought it was SO COOL! Are there certain things that we as humans put into our bodies that take as much effort to transform into energy? This fascinating video excerpt from NOVA scienceNOW — with many support and extended learning materials — addresses these questions and more about the potential energy contained in food. Continue reading

World Languages and Cultures — Video Collection for PreK-12

ketpdlc_vid_aymv4_lWorld Languages and Cultures, at PBS LearningMedia was adapted from ¡Arte y más! and originally produced by Kentucky Educational Television (KET) as a complete curriculum for primary-level Spanish instruction.  The first of these video resources introduces primary students to Spanish by immersing them in the language—all instruction is in Spanish—and by engaging them in participatory lessons addressing arts and humanities content. Continue reading