Oppression & Human Dignity: A Path Appears with Many Resources

Tonight at 10pm WGBY airs A Path Appears from the team behind the groundbreaking Half the Sky.  Independent Lens goes to locations throughout the United States as well as Colombia, Haiti, and Kenya to uncover the harshest forms of gender-based oppression and human rights violations, and solutions being implemented to combat them.  Just as the film tries to educate oppressors, high school students can also learn Continue reading

Thomas Edison — The Genius Who Created the Modern World

On Tuesday, January 27, at 9pm, WGBY airs Edison: American Experience from America’s most watched history program.  Driven, intensely competitive and never more at home than at work, Thomas Alva Edison held 1,093 patents and was nearly synonymous with invention.  At PBS LearningMedia you’ll find many preK-12 engaging resources on Continue reading

Odd Squad Special & Resource Collection

This SoundCheck from PBS KIDS Odd Squad is a great way to see the appeal of the new, math-based PBS KIDS program that engages Pre-K-3 learners with fun, imaginative content.  Along with a recent one-hour special and upcoming new episodes of the live-action series, PBS LearningMedia will showcase its new Odd Squad collection of resources daily.  Continue reading

Really — 100,000 Free PBS Resources and Counting!

PBSLM-100K[1]On Thursday, January 15, PBS LearningMedia reached the 100K mark for free educator/student resources.  For PreK-13+ lesson plans, video clips, interactives, pd and much more, PBS LearningMedia continues to be richly supplied with content from PBS  producers across the country and abroad as well as other respected sources such as NASA and the Library of Congress.  And we can’t just call these resources classroom content, since many can be used by students Continue reading

Word Girl’s Story Magic For Before & After the Holidays

Fighting crime with her superhero strength and colossal vocabulary, Word Girl is my hero.  Like all PBS KIDS programs, Word Girl offers fine teaching resources.  Among them, one of several lesson plans aligned to standards, Story Magic (grades 1-3), encourages the storyteller in each student — and children are likely to have a story or two over the holidays — while teaching the classic elements of the story form, Continue reading

College & Career Week

With most application deadlines in December or January, many students will be thinking about college applications and their futures during winter break.  In addition to tools to help high school students prepare, there are K-12 resources to expose students to fascinating careers such as an abundant collection from NOVA scienceNow, an Emmy-nominated web video series.  Continue reading