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WGBY is committed to providing quality educational experiences for all adults and children of western New England.  We thank each and every one of you for your support and hope that you will continue to look to us as a resource for learning.

Meet the Author
Bess Kapetanis Bess Kapetanis is the Programs Coordinator for WGBY Education & Outreach.  Her role includes working with districts and schools to deliver programs like summer reading initiatives and teacher professional development.  In the years prior to joining the team at WGBY, Bess served as an educator for the Westfield Public Schools.  Contact Bess


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3 thoughts on “About WGBY Education

  1. Kudos to the WGBY education links with educators. Bess Kapetanis, the professional education coordinator for WGBY presented to my graduate students at AIC on June 21. She gave insightful, useful and professional insight to the effective programs offered to educators, parents and students.
    Betsy Marino
    adjunct professor

  2. I am saddened to no longer be able to access the video lending library. I had ordered several videos about a month ago and they have not arrived. I hope this is temporary as this is a great resource for teachers and home educators.

    • Hi Christine,

      Over the last couple weeks, there was a glitch in the video lending library website that made it necessary for us to temporarily stop processing orders, as we were unable to see who had submitted the request.

      We would be happy to get you the materials you need. Our Video Lending Librarian, Bernie Michaels, is available to help and distribute any videos that people need. You can email him at bmichaels@wgby.org. I’ll also ask him to follow up with you directly.


      Heather Lavigne
      Director of Education

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