A New PBS KIDS Program To Be Thankful For: Splash and Bubbles

“The whole ocean’s waiting right before our eyes.”  This line from the new Splash and Bubbles theme song invites 4-7 year old viewers — and their teachers and parents — to dive into marine biology and ocean science to explore the diversity and spectacle of our natural undersea world. Premiering on WGBY this Wednesday, November 23, 10:00am and 2:00pm, The Jim Henson Company’s latest creation has meaningful themes like one we hear in this video clip: “There’s only one way to get over the fear of the unknown.  Let’s go there and get to know it.”

You’ll find plenty of resources to explore the wide oceans at PBS LearningMedia, where a search of “oceans” for grades PreK-3 offers materials from PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train and Wild Kratts to Oceans | Science Trek and its related resource, Oceans:  The Web Show, with guest scientists who answer students’ questions about oceans and their creatures and plants.



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