Cornerstones: Literacy Units for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Cornerstones is a technology-infused approach to literacy development designed for early elementary children who are deaf and hard of hearing (and that can be used with other students who learn well visually and struggle with literacy).

Using a video-based story, teachers set high expectations for their students around the following:

  • Identification of Words in Print – Students will learn to recognize a large repertoire of vocabulary words in print.Cornerstones Teacher
  • Word Knowledge – Students will learn about words conceptually, and understand multiple aspects of each word.
  • Story Comprehension – Students will increase background knowledge to facilitate comprehension of written materials.

Teachers can immerse their students in the story for two hours every day over six or seven days, following the Cornerstones Lesson Guide. To maintain students’ interest, varying approaches are utilized. For example, sign language, print, still images, and meaningful discussion can all contribute to the understanding of “pride.” Reading the word in different contexts, asking and answering questions, and engaging in writing tasks all reinforce that knowledge.

There are three different units available for use: Fox and Crow, Click Clack Moo, and Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.

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